• 5/9/2017

Beach Hut

On an isolated European sandy beach, is a plot of land that has a unique timber beach hut on it. The building is hidden away in the vegetation that is growing on the sloping sandy hills, which has views out over the Mediterranean sea. The design provides the user an opportunity to take a break away from the busy lifestyle of the modern world and relax on a sunny, sandy and deserted beach. Through the use of a timber construction and other environmental materials, the building blends into the surroundings without impacting on the beautiful natural scenery.

While enjoying the peacefulness of the location, the user is also taken in by the natural smell, feel and look of the building that is constructed of indigenous timbers. The shape of the building not only has architectural importance, but also environmental. The majority of walls are shaped to allow passive ventilation, along with a green roof to act as a thermal mass. The floor of the beach hut is also raised of the sand on columns to reduce possible flooding from the sea.

  • Environmental Integration

    • Thermal mass construction
    • Passive ventilation
    • Introduction of natural habitats
    • Low maintenance finishes
    • Natural construction materials
    • No artificial lighting or electronic sockets
    • Stack affect
    • Use of natural daylight to internal spaces